Many people, for making the skin soft, use Vaseline. Using Vaseline is bad for the skin and sometimes it can be the cause of cancer because it contaminates your organism and interacts with the estrogen in the body.

The Vaseline and similar products are fatty products that are byproducts of the oil industry and the only thing that it`s used for is softening the skin and nothing more.

Since it can cause cancer you should stop using Vaseline immediately.

There are much safer, natural products that you can use that have the same effect on the skin.

You can use different oils that are not refined like jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil. These oils are rich with beneficial compounds that are good for softening your skin and some can be used in the kitchen too.

Keep on reading and find out why you should stop using Vaseline immediately.


One component of the Vaseline is the petroleum jelly which is a residue of the oil drills that is refined and it was used for treating skin issues and wounds.


The petroleum jelly is used in many different beauty products and not just in the Vaseline.  The petroleum jelly makes a layer that protects the skin and it keeps it moist. You can find petroleum jelly in mineral oil, paraffin oil, petrolatum and liquid paraffin.

Because it forms that protective layer on the skin the petroleum jelly actually suffocates the skin and instead of protecting the skin it makes things worse because it clogs the pores and keeps the dirt on the skin so acne and rosacea appear.

Using natural oils for the skin, instead of Vaseline which only makes the skin soft and nothing else, has better effects and it can remove microbes and bacteria from the skin.

Besides the negative effects a lot of doctors still promote the use of Vaseline in case of dry skin. According to Dr. Alexa Kimball of Stanford Medical University Center the use of petroleum jelly is good for moisturizing the skin and it does not provoke any allergies.  Also as to Dr. Andrew Weil the jelly is safe to use because the toxic materials in the petroleum jelly are destroyed during the process of refining.

Vaseline and other similar products might even affect your lungs if it`s inhaled.


There are more scientific results that can convince you that petroleum jelly is not safe for use.


According to some studies Vaseline is not safe for use because it contains toxins and the body cannot metabolize the petroleum jelly.

According to the Journal of women`s health the compound hydrocarbon that is in the beauty products and cosmetics contaminates our body. This compound enters in our body through the skin and gets to the tissues and from there it can be transferred on other organs. It can be transferred even through breast feeding.

That’s one reason why you should not use these kinds of products.


Estrogen can make changes in the women’s body. It affects the mood, the reproductive system, makes changes in the breasts and makes PMS much more severe.

This product undoubtedly affects the estrogen. Lately, the estrogen levels have increased in the products for skin care.  According to the Journal of exposure, science and environmental epidemiology the hydrocarbons that are part of the petroleum jelly affects the estrogen but also affects the endocrine system which is something to worry about.


The products that have petroleum can even cause cancer.

The EWG (Environmental working group) said that a lot of beauty products with petroleum have the compound 1.4 dioxane and this can cause cancer. In 22% of the skin products, even in products for babies like soaps and lotions, this compound can be found. According to this study the Vaseline is not carcinogens but you should use it with precaution.

This goes for mineral oils also. Some experts said that the mineral oil has effect on tumors and that it makes them grow even faster.

There are a lot of controversy about the use of Vaseline and the harm that can do. But you have the option to use natural products for soft skin without the fear of side effects.



Using Vaseline enhances the risks of getting candida or bacterial vaginosis.

Doctors agree that these products are bad for your vagina and by using them you expose yourself to greater risk of getting bad bacteria that disturb the acidity of the vagina which is crucial for the health of the vagina.


Products with petroleum can also cause other health problems like lipoid pneumonia. It`s caused by inhaling the petroleum from the products. The lipoid pneumonia can occur, for example, if you use lip balm that contains mineral oil or petroleum and they get in your organism through the nose by inhaling them.


Petroleum is also bad for the eyes according to the University in Maryland and it`s poisonous.

Studies show that instead of using Vaseline for treating dry skin you can use coconut oil which has antiseptic properties and eliminates germs.


There are a lot of other products that are natural and that you can safely use for skin treatments.


This product is used for hydrating the skin. It`s natural product made from the nut that grows on shea trees and it`s not refined.

It`s very good for the skin, it`s rich with vitamins A and E and fat acids. It has also cinnamic acid that eliminates fungi, bacteria and viruses.

As to The British journal of clinical pharmacology this product can be used like nose drops because it helps with nasal congestion. This product can be used for long time without any side effects.

The shea butter has a lot of beneficial properties and it can be used for treatments of dryness, eczema and wrinkles.


Coconut oil is great for the skin because it improves the collagen in the skin, helps for dry skin and eliminates bacteria.

It moisturizes the skin in a better way than the Vaseline. The lauric acid protects the skin and keeps the moisture in.

Studies in the Journal Pharmaceutical biology and The Journal of cosmetic science show that coconut oil is analgesic and it`s good for inflammation. But also it`s good for the hair and keeps it healthy.

It can be used for various problems like dermatitis, dryness, psoriasis, itching and eczema.


This oil is very good for so many reasons.  It`s rich with vitamin E and it can be used in case of eczema and inflammations. The almond oil nurtures the skin, keeps it young and healthy. You can apply this oil even around the eyes. It`s good for eliminating wrinkles.


This oil is good for any type of skin. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Studies show that this oil is emollient; it makes the skin soft and mixed with glycerol it hydrates the skin for 24 hours. The jojoba oil helps in case of inflammation, skin damage and healing of wounds.


Avocado oil contains oleic acid that stimulates the collagen. This oil it`s used for skin inflammations and psoriasis since it contains mix of vitamin B 12. It can be used for a very long time without any harmful effects.

It`s excellent for treatment of wounds and eliminates wrinkles. It has a lot of beneficial properties like improving the function of the heart, reduces cholesterol and helps in the treatment of arthritis.

You can even use this oil in the kitchen.


The beneficial properties of this oil and the benefit for the body have been proven in 2015. This oil has a lot of good components: antioxidants, vitamins A and C, fat acids, omega 3 and omega 9.

It`s used for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, for removing swelling and redness and it can be used in the treatment of wounds, prevention of scars, acne, rosacea, sun burns and psoriasis.


The cocoa butter can be used for so many skin problems but also it can be used for prevention. It has polyphenols which is good for toning the skin, for the collagen and the elasticity of the skin. Cures different skin issues like acne, wounds, psoriasis and even skin cancer. It is good moisturizer and has fat acids that are good for the skin. It can be used as lip balm, anti-stretch marks cream and for wrinkles too.


These products cure fungi, swelling, hemorrhoids and itchiness. Mixed all together it can cure even psoriasis.


There are a lot of pros and cons about the use of Vaseline and products that contain petroleum jelly. Some doctors and studies show that it is perfectly fine to use them for skin problems but according to others they are not good and not healthy for the skin.

Some scientific studies show that it is much better to use natural products for treating skin issues. Instead of using Vaseline you can choose natural oil like coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and many more which have a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that are needed for maintaining your skin healthy.

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