Ants, fleas and cockroaches are the maximum disgusting pests within the world. If we are able to all agree on one factor, it’s that all of us want to see those critters gone! But, what are you purported to do when you see a set of cockroaches to your hardwood ground? How do you prevent an navy of ants on your lawn? What approximately the host of fleas your canine introduced home from outdoor? The logical answer is to call the exterminator. But, the extermination manner is costly, time-ingesting and most significantly notably poisonous, that’s why many human beings are looking for any other solution. fortuitously, we’ve got just the aspect you need.

Boric acid has been used to manipulate pests in houses and gardens round the arena for a long time. It’s a natural substance that may be observed in seawater and plants. Borax is its chemical cousin which contains boron much like boric acid, that is an powerful pest killer and repellent. Borax kills the pests with the aid of interfering with their digestion and destroying their inner stomach lining, however they should ingest it first. Don’t consider the claims that Borax someway destroys their exoskeleton – the procedure destroys pests them from the inner, not outside.


There’s now not someone on the earth who loves cockroaches – they’re disgusting and a real pain to dispose of. Theoretically, you may simply ruin them all together with your shoe, but that won’t resolve the trouble for excellent. happily, Borax can.

Boil a dozen eggs and separate the whites, then mash them with 2.5 oz of Borax. Now, upload ½ a cup of white sugar to the combination and add some extra till you reach a dough-like consistency. Placed those scrumptious cockroach bombs inside the spots wherein you noticed the critters and your own home may be full of useless cockroaches soon!


Ants are even more hard to eliminate than cockroaches, but they’ve a weak point. Like maximum animals, they adore honey. The people eat beverages, however the queen and her baby larvae devour stable meals, so that you’ll want the first-rate of each worlds to put off them.

For the strong “meals”, blend Borax and powdered sugar in a 1:3 ratio. For the liquid, mix ¼ cup of Borax with ¾ cup of honey. placed the “ingredients” within the areas frequented by means of ants and onto flat surfaces as properly, and you’ll say goodbye to the colony soon!


Borax is a tremendous solution in opposition to fleas as well. They may be difficult to spot and cast off, however Borax can kill them and their eggs and preserve your own home flea-unfastened for as much as a year. Earlier than the use of it against the pests, clean and vacuum your private home – circulate the furnishings and make certain to vacuum all difficult-to-reach regions as fleas are acknowledged to hide in darkish spots. Now, sprinkle a few Borax onto your carpets and each crease in your house, and make certain to cover the regions where your pets sit often too. Work the powder within the material well and vacuum the excess. Preserve your pets and kids far from home in the next 36 hours for you to prevent them from coming in touch with the powder that could have extreme outcomes on their fitness. After 36 hours, vacuum your property again and you will eliminate the fleas!

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