Conceiving is common problem for many women, and one of the reasons behind this is the today`s modern and busy lifestyle.  For those who are having trouble conceiving, check out the 10 tips on how to conceive super fast!


  1. Eat Healthy

Making certain dietary changes is of utmost importance when it comes to keeping the reproductive system healthy and increasing the chances of getting pregnant.  For instance, you should consume more alkaline foods, such as bean sprouts, peas , and milk, all of which increase the chances of conceiving. On the other hand, you should stay away from acidic foods, such as tea and red meat. These foods raise the acidity in the cervical mucus and kill of sperm.

  1. Use Supplements

Those who are trying to conceive should definitely include multi-vitamin supplements into their diet. Moreover, it is recommended to use folic acid and similar supplements which are known to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida in the neural tube.  Using these supplements will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, which means that you should continue using them during the pregnancy as well.

  1. Visit a Doctor

Get checked at your doctor`s office before trying to conceive in order to see whether you have any medical issue. In case you use any medications, consult the doctor about this and ask whether they may affect your ability to conceive.

  1. Have Intercourse Regularly

Having sexual intercourse on a regular basis is a must for those who are trying to conceive.  Track your ovulation and plan on having intercourse those days in particular. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!

  1. Inform Yourself on Different Sex Positions

It is believed that the chance of conceiving heavily depends on the sex position. Missionary position is the most commonly used position and it is believed to increase the chances of the sperm to get into the cervix.  Given the fact that sexual positions are not well studied, trying different ones is a good idea to see which one works.

  1. Timing

Timing is the most significant factor when it comes to conceiving! You should plan your intercourse according to the biological processes, as this heavily affects the chance of conceiving. Track the basal temperature with a thermometer because it has a crucial role in conceiving as well.  The basal temperature increases during ovulation, meaning that this period is the right one for trying to get pregnant. Ultimately, don’t forget to keep a menstrual cycle chart!

  1. Ease up the Process

Many couples have trouble conceiving because the vagina is an organ which is not sperm-friendly. Therefore, creating better vaginal conditions for the sperm are key to increasing your chance of getting pregnant. For instance, don’t use vaginal sprays, douches, fragrant tampons, and synthetic lubricants. All of these products make the vagina less friendly to the sperm. In case you have to use lubricants, ask the doctor which types are harmless.

  1. Stop Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and Coffee, and Stay Away from Illegal Medications

It has been scientifically shown that caffeine negatively affects the chances of conceiving in women. It also affects the sperm count and mobility in men. Therefore, stay away from caffeinated drinks and foods, such as coffee, black tea, and chocolate. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol as well, as they may increase the risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities. The same goes for certain medications!

  1. Control Your Body Weight and Exercise Moderately

Exercise keeps the hormones in the body balanced and helps burn excess fat. Women who exercise and control their body weight have higher chances of conceiving and are more fertile. On the other hand, overweight women have high estrogen levels, which in turn makes their ovulation irregular and rarer. Still, it is important to mention that excessive exercising is not good as rapid weight loss causes hormonal imbalance and even infertility. Remember, balance is the key!

  1. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself

Ultimately, have fun and enjoy yourself as stress worsens the condition and lowers your chances of conceiving.  Too much stress causes irregular menstrual cycles and stops ovulation, which causes many complications. On the other hand, if you are not stressed while having intercourse, your chances of getting pregnant will significantly raise.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that conceiving can be difficult for many people.  If you think too much about the factors which increase the chances of getting pregnant you may end up more stressed out! Therefore, stick to the tips above, relax, and have fun!

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