Goodbye Dental Implants: Grow Your Teeth In Less Than 9 Weeks!

This discovery could represent the end of all dental implants. A team of dentists has found the method to grow your teeth naturally in just nine weeks! Look at how to grow your teeth again with this fabulous method.

How to grow your teeth in just nine weeks

This is a shocking discovery about how to grow your teeth naturally, without the need for a prosthesis, and in 9 weeks!

A team of researchers from the University of Colombia , led by Dr. Jeremy Mao was responsible for publicizing this promising dental method, which consists of the construction of a dental scaffold made with stem cells, tooth grow on the template.

The researchers show perfectly how to grow the teeth again, through this fascinating method.

Dr. Mao explains:

“The missing tooth is replaced with stem cells from your body, and the tooth begins to fuse with the surrounding tissue on its own. This stimulates the regeneration process and results in regrowth of the tooth in record time ”

This shocking discovery could mean the end of expensive dental surgeries by losing or breaking a tooth.

The new method has its basis in the stem cell, the subject that for several years has been studied recurrently by the world of science and medicine.

Recent discoveries based on stem cells have even discovered that these can be used to treat fractures and even genetic disorders.

While it is true that 9 weeks is longer than going on the same day to dentist a dental prosthesis, it is also true that this experiment based on stem cells promises to give a very natural look to our teeth.

If we think about it, it will always be much better to have a tooth created from our own stem cells, one created with foreign materials.

Dr. Mao has confirmed that the new method is still in its research stage, and therefore not available to the public, but that even in a very short time will be supplanting dental implants in all parts of the world.


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