The leaves of fresh cabbage are like a magnet. They help to pull diseases of the human body. Learn more and be treated with this inexpensive and rational cure.

Now, you are not going to eat cabbage, but you will utilize its leaves for external use.

Here are many reasons for using cabbage leaves:

1. Cabbage leaves for swelling from various injuries

If you hit your arm or leg and the place begins to get swollen, you should immediately put cabbage leaf on.  You have to attach the leaf with a bandage or scarf to stand still.

Fresh cabbage is utilized for external application.

If you have a sprained ankle or local pain from an injury, you should simply put cabbage leaves and put a compress on in order to keep it well attached throughout the night. The following morning the cabbage leaf will look drained. That is because its juices are absorbed from the skin.

2. Cabbage leaves when you have problems with your thyroid gland

The Thyroid gland is extremely important as its hormones promote the growth, metabolism and exchange of the substances and they help the action of the organs of the digestive system.

Thyroid Hyper function –It is a state when the thyroid starts to produce large amounts of growth hormones to provide a change in the metabolism rate.

In order to relieve the hyper function you just have to put cabbage leaves on the throat and neck.  Fasten with a scarf, so that you will prevent cabbage leaves from moving.

It should be kept overnight.

3. In severe headache

If you have got a headache it might be related to eye problems. It is therefore necessary to go at your eye doctor (ophthalmologist).

If your headache is not related to eye problems, then it is caused by stress or fatigue. It could be cured by utilizing cabbage leaves locally. Use a hat or a scarf to prevent them from moving and put them on the forehead and on the sides.

4. Breast pain

This works wonders in healing inflammation that is caused by breast feeding, mastitis, swollen glands and other kinds of pain in the breast.

Women, who are using pumps to drain their breast milk, often complain that they feel unbearable pain or discomfort, furthermore women who are breast-feeding their babies, whose teeth have grown, as children bite.

You should put fresh cabbage leaves in the bra to ease the pain and some grated cabbage directly on the leaves. When you put your bra on, the grated cabbage will be the first layer on the breast and then the large leaves and after that the bra keeps them tight on the breast. The leaves ought to be large enough to cover the breast and the grated cabbage from falling. The bra will do the rest. You should leave it to stay overnight and not worry about the pain, because it will be cured for sure. Do this for a week every night and you will feel the change.

5 .Leaves of fresh cabbage are useful for varicose veins

Cabbage leaves are a good solution, if you suffer from pain, itchiness or heavy legs from varicose veins. Again bind them to not fall.

6. Cabbage at earache



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