Amsterdam Experts Destroyed Breast Cancer After 11 Days of No Chemo

Study provided by the prof. Nigel Bundred of European Breast Cancer Conference, Amsterdam, said the effectiveness of drugs was tested, like Herceptin and Lapatinib.

These drugs are used for curing breast cancer and the first time they were combined was before chemo or surgery. And they found this can remove some breast cancer types after 11 days.

This was funded by the Cancer Research UK and they aimed for the drugs to fight a protein HER2, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, this affects the division and growth of cells in cancer. And might return more than other cancer types.

This is appealing also since it removes the need for chemo or surgery. The side effects are hair loss, fatigue, vomiting but here are avoided and less severe. Chemo is not all the way effective and is not good for everyone, so anything goes by now.

Study results

257 women with the HER2 breast cancer got selected here. Half were on the drug mix and the rest control group. In the end, those with the drug had no cancer after 2 weeks and 17% had shrunken tumors.

Comparison to the control group who got Herceptin said 0% had cancer and 3% had a drop in size of tumors. The mix of 2 drugs had a major effect on the cancer opposed to separate use.

The problem now is that licensing for Herceptin is available just with chemo, not alone. But the results here might change this in the future.

There is more work to be done, so this is a big step for the medicine and cancer research. With every year the medicine improves, so we might expect even better things.

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