No one likes under eye circles. They make you look exhausted! Yet, almost everyone has them. It’s a fact of life.

Causes range from genetics to allergies. For most people, sleep deprivation is a major culprit. Plus, as you get older, discoloration is more likely.1

In stores, you can find countless eye creams made for dark circles. But why spend a fortune? Take the Ayurvedic route with these seven natural remedies.


Start from the inside out. Eat lots of vitamin C! This nutrient plays a role in collagen production.2 In turn, collagen will improve weak skin – a major cause of shadowing.3

Tasty sources include oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, tomato, broccoli, and spinach. Your skin – and immunity – wills flourish.4

When applied on the skin, vitamin C treats discoloration.5 Why not make an eye mask? To be safe, use gentler foods like spinach. Mash it up with a moisturizer like a coconut, avocado, or olive oil. Carefully apply it on your dark circles. After 10 minutes, wash off and pat dry.


Avocado has compounds that inhibit tyrosinase.6 Normally, this enzyme stops melanin production, leading to skin discoloration. But when tyrosinase is stopped? Skin lightens up.7

This is great news for dark circles. In fact, some eye creams focus on this exact mechanism. But why not use avocados? With some mashed avocado, you’ll have a homemade eye treatment.


Puffiness draws attention to dark circles. Luckily, cucumber slices can save the day.

Cucumbers have a cooling effect. In fact, the inside flesh is 20 degrees lower than the outside air!They get even cooler if you store them in the refrigerator.

To use this remedy, place one cucumber slice on each eye. This will reduce puffiness and make dark circles less obvious.


Used tea bags will also do the trick. It’s more cost-effective than cucumbers since they’re usually tossed out. Simply save the bags after brewing a cup.

To cool them down, store them in the refrigerator. Place them on your eyes while they’re still damp. Thanks to the cooling sensation, puffiness will subside.

Green tea is the best choice. It will increase the skin’s thickness, making dark circles look less noticeable. Plus, it’ll moisturize the skin – the number one trick for making the skin look healthy.9


Are your eyes extra puffy? Opt for ice. This remedy is used for injuries, bruises, and cystic acne. However, it can also work for super puffy eyes.

Wrap an ice cube in a clean paper towel. On each eye, apply the compress for 10 to 15 seconds. It’ll de-puff your skin and make darkness less noticeable.


For another compress, use spoons. They’re cheap and easy! The cold surface will do wonders for puffiness.

Leave two spoons in the freezer for eight hours. Place on your eyes until the spoons warm up. Wash and repeat as much as you’d like.


Bladder wrack sounds funky, but it’s just a type of seaweed. The extract might also be your new best friend.

On the skin, bladder wrack degrades heme – an iron-containing compound. Heme is actually thought to cause dark circles. Plus, bladder wrack can even ease inflammation, decrease eye bags, and increase collagen.10 It’s just what your eyes need!

Never consume bladder wrack extract.11 Only use it on the skin, and follow the package’s directions.

Always wear sunscreen. It’s been proven to help hyperpigmentation.12 To avoid chemical irritation, use a natural sunscreen that’s made for the eyes.

Source: http://healthexpertgroup.com

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