Our bodies don’t work the same at the age of 20 and 40. When we turn 40 the muscle mass starts to degenerate. We are gaining weight easier menopause starts, we are at risk of more illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The nutrients and vitamins are the solutions for these problems so we must be sure that we eat healthily and we intake all the essential vitamins and nutrients.


One of the most important vitamins, after you turn 40 especially 50, is vitamin B12. It is very important for a proper function of the brain and blood. It is contained in the eggs, dairy, fish, chicken but after 50 the body absorbs it more difficult.

Start taking supplements (2.4 mg. per day) after you turn 40 and don’t worry you can’t take too much of it because you will pee it out.


Some studies have shown that the intake of calcium doesn’t prevent fractures in older people but it plays an important role in other function of the body like heart and nerve functioning, muscle contraction and some other important biochemical reactions.

So supplements of calcium are very important because when the body doesn’t have enough calcium it takes it from the bones and they become weaker.

The recommended amount is 1000 mg for women and 1200 mg for men (per day).


Another essential vitamin is vitamin D. Insufficient intake of vitamin D after 40 has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis. It helps the body to absorb the calcium.

Foods that contain vitamin D are grains, fortified dairy, cereals but mainly the sun. Not all of us can be exposed to the sun, therefore, supplements are the best solution. The best is vitamin D3 supplement (600 IU per day, and 800 IU after 50). The highest amount that won’t do any harm is 4000 IU per day.


It regulates the blood pressure and is of great importance for women above 40. Insufficient intake of magnesium can cause diabetes, inflammation and heart disease and it helps your body to absorb the calcium. There is a test that can check your magnesium levels. The recommended dosage is 320 mg for women above 40.


This is another important supplement but only if the doctor recommends it because too much of it damages the heart and the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat a healthy diet you will hardly intake too much of it. Potassium is especially important for women in the postmenopausal period because it protect us from a stroke. The recommended dosage is 4.7 g per day but the benefits of it are seen with a dosage of 2 g per day.


This omega – 3 fatty acids decrease the risk of heart attack, lower the blood pressure and LDL levels, they also keep your memory.

It is proven that people who have higher levels of omega – 3 fatty acids are better on a memory test, abstract thinking, and planning activities.

If you are healthy you can take 500 mg per day, if you suffer from heart disease 800-1000 mg per day and 2000-4000 mg if your triglyceride levels are high.


Last but not least are the probiotics. They are very important for people above 40 because of lower the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. You can take them with your food (some dairy or fermented soy products) but it is usually not enough so the supplements are recommended.

Source: https://www.healthvianature.com

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