Research Showing That Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells Safely Has Been Suppressed Since 1974

Do you remember when Rick Simpson looked through the Canadian Nova Scotia town to take the cannabis oil that he and other people used to treat different types of cancer? He thought that the world was willing to share the news that he and his townspeople experienced.

After a few attempts to bring the cannabis oil, which was authorized through the court system with the testimonials from the people who had been cured, Rick realized that that the cancer industry was not in need of a cancer cure.

After treating his skin cancer and preventing the severe neurological post-concussion disorder caused from a head injury, which the doctors had only aggravated, he made cannabis oil from the hemp that he was cultivating on his own land and shared it with the people who needed cannabis. His cannabis oil helped his townspeople to cure numerous health issues, including lung cancer.

Now, Rick is travelling all over the world and is spreading the beneficial effects of cannabis to other people.

The forgotten cannabis research from 1974

In 1974, the National Institute of Health set up the Virginia Medical College, as they wanted to show that cannabis oil weakens the immune system and kills the brain cells. DEA used this research as a weapon while under the administration of Nixon to explain sending the pot smokers in a prison.

Unfortunately, the researchers found out some existing results with the lab rats. They found out that the cancer cells were killed, not the healthy ones. Moreover, cannabis does not hinder the immune system, but it actually enhances it. For this reason, the research was suppressed.

DEA directed the suppression of the research and the elimination of documents. In 1976, President Gerald Ford hindered all researches on cannabis excluding the attempts of the Big Pharma to produce synthetic THC. However, in 1983, some college centers found out that the copies of the research documents from Virginia were forced by the Reagan administration to eliminate them.

In 1996 and 2000, only Virginia Medical College registered for research grants for additional investigation of the healing properties of cannabis. Both the applications were refused. The mainstream media ignored the 1972-research except for a short preview of the research in the Washington Post.

The documents were destroyed and the Madrid researchers stated that they were not able to get the documents of the cannabis effects on cancer for their paper. Dr. Manual Guzman, the lead researcher, explained that he knew about the research and even though he tried several times to get the journal article, he did not succeed.

When an independent journalist got the copies from the University of California and faxed them over, the Madrid study has been finished. Nevertheless, the mainstream media put off the Madrid research, too. Not only has this research shown that cannabis efficiently kills brain cancer cells in mice, but it also has shown that cannabis has no detrimental effects on the brain tissues in healthy mice.

Now, Sheba and Abarbanel, two hospitals in Israel, are performing clinical treatments and studies in people with cannabis for a few diseases, funded by the government of Israel. Nevertheless, the mainstream media cannot ignore this research.

In 1999, when Rick was trying to take cannabis, he was covered by TV media in Canada.

Independent studies and Anecdotal Testimonies have proven the efficacy and safety of cannabis

Everyone, who looks for alternative health data on the Internet, is not obstructed from the lack of revelation by the mainstream media. An 80-year old man has recorded a few anecdotal treatments for terminal cancer. Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN shared the news when the man was performing a 180 public reversal on the former anti-cannabis perspective while he was explaining the healing effects of cancer among epileptic children.

Generally, cannabis is effective and safe, and it can generate apoptosis on cancer cells. Apoptosis represents a cellular-programmed cell death, which is a part of the replacement of old cells with new ones. However, apoptosis is not common for tumor cancer cells. They only grow and expand. Moreover, cannabinoids restrain angiogenesis which tumor are using for producing blood cells and carrying glucose for the metabolism.

Namely, cannabis generates apoptosis in order to destroy the cancer cells and hinder angiogenesis to limit the food supplies. Moreover, the Madrid study and the people who have used cannabis can prove that cannabis does not harm the healthy cells.

Cannabis caveats: Smoking is not beneficial for treating cancer. It is better to use vaping or a vaporizer.

Moreover, the ingesting cannabis pastes and oils are recommended. But, the essential changes in lifestyle habits and a healthy diet can reverse what is obtained from an alternative cancer treatment.

The video below shows an instance of a baby who was treated successfully of brain cancer without undergoing radiation or surgery. The baby was cured within 8 months by giving him cannabis oil through his pacifier.

When the 2-month observed progress has been completed, the oncologist, who gave the diagnosis, canceled other further treatments that may lead to damage, naming him a miracle baby.


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