Plant for the house to never again see spiders, fruit flies and bugs

The cobwebs and spiders are very annoying as well the rest insects. No matter how much time you spend on cleaning the house, they always find a place to make a new cobweb.

Luckily there is natural solution that can repeal the spiders without being harmful by your health.

How to remove them?

There is a simple fact- spiders and other insects cannot stand mint smell! So, best option is to have mint plant at your house.

The plant mint has strong smell and flavor both and also keeps the home safe from spiders, insects, bugs, fruit flies…

All you have to do is to mix some essential oil with mint and water, 10 drops for liter water and place this in spray bottle.

With this mix, you can spray the dark corners in the flat, yard, rooms, terrace and all other spaces.

The nice smell of this spray is good for you, but awful for the insects. Another great benefit is that you get free air freshener!


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