Here’s How Hemp Can Completely Replace Petroleum Fuel

Proponents of hemp oil think that this could be the products that will clean up the massive amounts of petroleum and diesel that are used globally every day.

Oil is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and as the fossil fuels begin to run out, and wars are fought over oil fields, isn’t it time that we looked for an alternative that will really work?

Hemp is an incredibly versatile product and can be used for everything from health foods to building houses.

It has been illegal to grow hemp in the U.S since 1937 due to the presence of THC, which has meant that the U.S and the rest of the world have missed out on the opportunity to harness the many benefits of this amazing plant.

In Canada, a car has been developed that successfully runs off hemp oil. Still in it’s infancy, the hemp oil car revolution would do wonders for the environment, with the Energy Information Agency states that cars running from hemp biodiesel release 78% less carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Hemp oil is still relatively difficult to get hold of, and of course illegal in many places. These factors alone can be attributed to the failure of the nation to embrace to hemp car just yet, although changes are slowly being made in the public consciousness to take a punt on eco-friendly products over the older models which are killing the environment.

Hemp cars are also quieter, and more efficient – just two of the attributes car buyers are often looking for when selecting a new vehicle.

ClearEcos’s Kurt Lange has spoken of the difficulties still plaguing hemp oil cars, he said:

“We increased the process time to deal with the additional fatty acid chains,” he said of my limo ride’s tankful of hemp oil.

It’s not ready for prime time at the corner gas station, in other words, despite the carbon we kept from emitting on February 10 even with this prototype form of cannabis fuel.

It’d probably price out north of $10 dollars a gallon—until American farmers get those two million acres planted.”

Check out this awesome video on hemp’s incredible properties:


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