Babysitting Grandparents Live Longer. Here’s Why

Our family is very important in our life, because it strengthens the ties between its members and this helps increase their physical and mental health. Researchers found that various psychological factors, such as loneliness, can lead to disability and even death.

It was discovered that people who live in isolation and feel deprived face difficulties in carrying out their daily tasks, which thus decreases their mobility, and also led to a decrease in health and death.

Researchers also showed that the 5th and 6th grade students, which had a reliable connections with their mothers, felt much less lonely, had more friendships, were better accepted by their peers, and were more responsive, sociable, and less critical in conversations, compared with children who had weaker connection with their mothers.

Various studies have shown that negative experiences of children regarding their relationship with their parents can cause stress and irritation. In addition, the relationship between children and their grandfathers is also of great importance, thus it needs to be developed.

Three years ago, scientists from Boston College analyzed the influence of both grandmothers/grandfathers and adult grandchildren on each other over their long-term relationships.

Their study included 373 grandparents and 355 adult grandchildren and they collected data for about 19 years. They found that a strong relationship between grandparents and grandchildren reduced the depressive symptoms in both sides.

During these 19 years, the grandmothers and grandfathers who offered and obtained tangible support experienced the least amount of symptoms of depression. Professor Sarah M. Murman at Boston College, explains that “if grandchildren and grandparents participate in such exchange, this can be a useful and practical way to reduce symptoms of depression in the elderly.” The more emotional support they received from each other, the better was their psychological health. ”

Researcher Shalhevet Schwartz emphasized the important role parents have in this grandchildren-grandparent relationship. However, they also found that for grandparents the symptoms of depression increase when they have received functional or “tangible” support without providing it. Thus, the researchers found that our grandparents like giving much more than receiving. They want to be involved and deal with their grandchildren.

“Parents need to be aware that they have the role as guardians of the relationship between thir children and their parents. They also need to be aware of the potential of the grandfather to become a very important resource in their children’s lives, particularly if the family is going to stressful changes like remarriage or divorce, or if the children are experiencing painful or difficult experiences.

Sometimes children feel that it’s easier for them to open up to their grandmothers and share their dilemmas and difficulties with them.”

So, if you are a parent, you should be aware of the fact that grandparents are important for the life of your children. You must bridge the relationship between the two generations, and this will ensure the happiness and well-being of all of you.


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