Unfortunately, aluminum can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and build up in tissues that are slow in cellular turnover.

Apoptosis (process of natural cell death and replacement) occurs throughout the body, but not cancer cells. Cancer cells reproduce and grow tumors unless apoptosis occurs or the cells are killed from chemical compounds, both natural and synthetic.

Aluminum accrues to toxic levels over time in slow apoptotic cell turnover tissues, such as bone matter, the heart and the brain. The brain and nervous system is where Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, chronic fatigue and other neurological, auto-immune diseases manifest.

Other afflictions including the autistic spectrum, from learning disorders to severe autism. Aluminum is in everything from cookware, cigarette smoke, beverage containers, cosmetics, foil, antiperspirants, sunscreen, antacids, and those ubiquitous chemtrails that most ignore. Aluminum nanoparticles can be inhaled into our lungs and enter into our bloodstream, or through the sinuses into the brain.

Aluminum is in all vaccines that are administered to the public. When injected, the aluminum travel all the way into the brain and heart, adding to their already high levels of aluminum toxicity.

According to Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, we have come into the age of aluminum. Dr. Exley has spent over twenty years of his life to researching aluminum toxicity. He calls the period of time from the early 20th Century to now the “Age of Aluminum.”

Before then, aluminum remained in the ground as the most abundant mineral in earth. Dr. Exley claims mining aluminum and using it in so many ways is linked to the high increase in neurological diseases.


A big part of his conference was his concern in ensuring that vaccinated kids receive help to improve their neurological damage. It all involves silica, which is earth’s second most abundant mineral. Exley deems this the best method to pass silica through the gut and into the blood, and into brain matter where it binds with aluminum molecules leading them out of brain cell tissue effectively through urine.

He used Malasysian mineral water, Spritzer, on aluminum toxic children suffering from autism spectrum disorders with tremendous success.

Later on, he and his team watched over 15 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients use that water at the same rate of one liter per day for 13 weeks. Aluminum levels were 50 to 70 percent lower in subjects involved. Of the 15 AD patients, eight stopped deteriorating, and three showed an increase in cognition.

Mineral water high in Orthosilicic or ionic silicic acid, will help to lower aluminum toxicity in the brain to treat Alzheimer’s. In America, accessible mineral waters with similar levels of silicic acid to Spritzer, are Volvic and Fiji. Fiji has the highest level of ionic suspended silica as silicic acid and is cost-friendly. I’ve seen it in WalMart at $1.99 per liter!

Also, People’s Chemist Shane Ellison examined various water bottles and said Fiji water bottles are free of BPA and “its chemical cousins”. Others that are BPA free, are Evian, Voss, and Smart Water. It’s suggested that for five days, you consume a 1.5 liter bottle of water daily. More is required for higher levels of aluminum toxicity.

Dr. Exley claims that drinking the whole bottle within an hour, is the best way to detoxing aluminum from the brain. Dr. Exley explains about three commercial bottled waters labeling silica amounts as milligrams (mg) per liter on the bottle. Fiji has the highest amount of the three. Silica mineral waters have been found to help in the prevention of dementia. You can also utilize pure cold pressed coconut oil to put a stopper on early onset Alzheimer’s or even alleviate symptoms after AD symptoms appear.

Aluminum (Al) is passed out through the urine when one supplements silica sufficiently. There’s no danger of taking too much, as long as an adequate amount of water is consumed, as well as vitamin B1 and potassium levels are balanced.


Silica builds collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues in the body, including cartilage and tendons. This helps to maintain body flexibility. It has also been found that high levels of blood serum silica keep arterial plaque from clogging and accumulating within blood vessels.

The cause for arterial plaque has gone from cholesterol accumulation to arterial calcification from serum calcium, that is not absorbed as bone matter. It’s known that silica is an important part of building bone matter.

Calcium doesn’t become part of bone matter if it doesn’t have enough magnesium, silica, and vitamin K2. When thats the case, calcium remains in the bloodstream, and calcify in the soft tissue of inner artery walls and the heart. Silica is essential for maintaining healthy, strong bones and cardiovascular system. Silica is one heck of an anti-aging mineral that is much more than a beauty mineral.

Other good sources of silica are banana, herb horsetail and diatomaceous earth powder.

Although these three are good sources, they do lack the ionic suspension of silicic acid found in mineral waters that can enter the blood-brain barrier.

Source: http://naturalorganichealth.com


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