If you frequently use antibiotics, you are helping the pathogens strengthen their resistance to them. Herbal medicines heal infections and improve the overall health of your lungs. We present the 15 best herbal remedies for lung issues:

Liquorice root

Liquorice is the one of the most popular plants for treating lungs and it has been used on a regular basis in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. It also decreases throat irritation, serves as an expectoration cure and purifies any inflamed mucky tissue that needs immunity system’s support.

Eating this root will relieve bronchial spasms,block the free radical cells that are responsible for inflammation and hinder the oxygen flow. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties which makes it excellent in fighting lung infections, even preventing lung cancer.


Coltsfoot is a traditional Indian medicine for lungs. It purifies the lungs and bronchus, helps relieve asthma, cough, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system. It is used in a form of tea and  alcohol extract.


The irritation of the oral cavity caused by smoking can be significantly relieved by the inhalation of cannabis essential oils.

According to the studies, Cannabis is also the one of the most effective anti-cancer plants in the world. The inhalation of cannabis clears the sinuses and bronchus.

Ligusticum porteri

This plant grows in the Rocky Mountains and is a traditional Indian lung cure. Its root contains camphor which makes it the best plant for strengthening of the lungs on the continent of America. The plant improves lung circulation and eases the process of breathing in. It also has a similar effect to antihistamine-it relieves respiratory irritations caused by seasonal colds.


Thyme creates powerful essential oils classified as natural antibiotics. It is much better in fighting acne than many expensive cosmetic products. Thyme tea is excellent in eliminating bacteria and viruses.


Oregano contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients that boost immunity. It helps clear the nose and purifies the respiratory tract. Oregano essential oil is also excellent against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.


The extracts of lobelia contain lobeline which has a positive effect on treating certain types of tumors. It stimulates the adrenal glandin its epinephrine secretion, which eases the breathing process. Lobelia is an ingredient in many medicines against coughing and cold.

Inula helenium

This plant is another ancient Indian medicine that functions as a natural antibacterial agent for preventing lung infections.


The fresh plant of Australia is often used for respiratory system cleaning because of its specific aroma. Its ingredient cineole serves as a stimulus for expectoration, prevents nose congestion and sinus irritation.

Verbascum thapsus

Both the leaves and the flowers of this plant are used in a form of extract to improve lung health. Tea can be easily made of one tablespoon of the dried plant and one cup of boiled water.

Lobaria pulmonaria

This lichen grows on trees and visually resembles lung tissue, which is unusual since it is also a cure for the lungs.


This plant can be found in the southwestern part of the USA and it has been used by the Indians for lung detox. It contains potent antioxidants that resist irritations. It is used in a form of a tea for lung cleaning.


Sage essential oils work miracles when it comes to the health of the respiratory system. Sage tea is a traditional cure for sore throat and cough.


Mint oil improves breathing, fights colds and serves as an excellent antioxidant.

Plantan leaves

Plantan leaves are efficient against cough, cold and lung irritation. They also soothe dry cough.




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