12 Things That Happen In Your Dreams And Have Significant Meaning For Your Life …Most People Know Not

If there is something we do all human beings without exception is sleeping, regardless of our nationality or employment.

And is that sleep is something totally vital for all human beings, obvious as it sounds, not everyone give this importance deserves sleep and certainly should.

Not sleeping can affect your health in more ways than one, from physically and mentally and just why is important to sleep at least 8 hours a day so that you can keep your health intact.

But sleep is not just about refuel and regenerate mind and your muscles, there are dreams, known as those projections showing you your subconscious while you sleep, your dreams are a clear example of your mental state and the things you care or have a high priority in your life, but many of them also mean things, we will know what


What means the most common dreams:


When we dream boxes it means that we have a secret that not even disclose, if it is open is because we receive or we will have a secret, if it is empty is because we have a disappointment.


If you dream that you fall it is because you’re afraid of something or lost control of something.


Dreaming of cats means strength, connected to your spirit.


It means you have a strong bond with your friends or friends.


It means you’re looking for ways to express yourself.


You mean that you must take some risk.


It means you’re about to make an important decision in your life.


It means that you not take much to understand what to do to achieve your goals.


If you dream of mud it means that there is a problem not yet solve.

Green color

Means you are happy with any situation or your life.

Naked public

It means you are willing to accept what others say about you.

You see dreams have multiple meanings, the important thing is to understand what you mean so you can make the best decisions in your life.

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